I am a zoologist specialized in animal behavior, a science communicator, on-screen expert host, and award-winning photographer. I connect people with the science that affects their daily lives. Having experience as both a scientist and marketing strategist allows me to create engaging science communication products that “sell” to specific audiences.

I have over a decade of experience communicating the complexities and achievements of research, managing projects, teams, and writing everything from peer-reviewed publications to television treatments.

My research interests are predator-prey systems and their relationships with climate change, trophic cascades, and migration channels. While most of my notoriety comes from my research on great white sharks and their cultural behaviors, I am a general naturalist at heart. There is nothing that I love more than to show people a new perspective about nature, from exotic marine predators to the animals in their backyard.

Let’s make something incredible together. Contact me at JewellSciComm [at] gmail.com.