I am a Zoologist specialized in behavioural ecology, a science communicator for a university department, and award-winning photographer.

My research interests are predator-prey systems and their relationships with climate change, trophic cascades, and migration channels. I’ve recently started working on the cultural behaviours of large sharks.

I am available to supervise students at this time.

Contact me via email (JewellShark [at] gmail . com) or twitter @scichelle.

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Please visit my Google Scholar page.

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*This publication was listed on Springer’s “Top Mentioned Articles of 2016

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Research Projects

I am now available to supervise students. Contact me here: JewellShark [at] gmail. com.

Title: “Arctic meltdown tropical seagrass meadows via migrant shorebird”
Role: Researcher

Title: “Ethology of Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena Australis).”  M.Sc. by Petra Neveceralova. [PDF Download:Diploma thesis_Neveceralova]
Role: Academic Supervisor

Title:  “The effects of white shark presence on the behaviour of Cape fur seals”
Role: Researcher (M.Sc. thesis)

Title: “Population estimate of white sharks at Gansbaai, South Africa.” The Dyer Island Conservation Trust.
Role: Collaborator

Title: “Habitat use of white sharks established with manual acoustic telemetry.” The Dyer Island Conservation Trust.
Role: Collaborator

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Scientific Communications

If you are interest in my consultancy work, please email me your query: JewellShark [at] gmail. com.

I am the Chief Science Communicator for a major university department, have hosted many TV shows (including Shark Week’s “Great White Shark Babies“), and write for several outlets.

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