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Great white BattlegroundDiscovery channel’s Shark Week.
Great white shark make change their color to sneak up on prey. National geographic.
The Spawn of El Diablo. Discovery CHannel’s Shark Week.
Winner of AIBS Faces of Biology Photography Competition. 
Great White Shark BabiesDiscovery Channel’s Shark Week.
High fins:  Shark Week is finally featuring female scientists.  International Business Times.
Injured great white shark swims free after mishap in shallow water (Video). Earth Touch News.
Crafty orcas take down white sharks and float their livers like tasty buoys
Earth Touch News.
Meet ‘Gums,’ the great white shark with an adorably toothless grinEarth Touch News.
Foolish human does ‘The Worm’ on a dead whaleEarthTouch News.
Seagulls Have a Gruesome New Way of Attacking Baby Seals. National Geographic.
Shark Week is once again making things up.  Vox.
Meet a shark scientist this Shark Week: Predator/prey expert Michelle Jewell. EarthTouch News.
The Best Shark Biologists and Conservationists to Follow During Shark Week. Scientific American.
Sexist comments spark “distractingly sexy” tweets from female scientistsCBS News.
Great white sharks are really spastic poopers (yes, we have video). EarthTouch News.
How seals use subsurface structures to sneak by white sharks. Gills Club.
Behind the Fins: Michelle Jewell. Fins United.
Meet Shark Biologist Michelle Wcisel. Sharks4Kids.
Graphic Content Warning: Six seals found in one shark stomach.  EarthTouch News.
Gills Club Science Team Member – Michelle Wcisel [VIDEO]
Before They Were Scientists: Michelle Wcisel. Your Wild Life.
The Best Shark Dive In The World: Michelle!
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