ex·pa·tri·ate /eksˈpātrēət/

noun a person who lives outside their native country. “American expatriates in London”
adjective (of a person) living outside their native country. “expatriate writers and artists”

I have lived on three continents, married a foreigner, and immigrated two house cats from Africa to the UK.  I know the best place to sleep in an airport, residency requirements for most of the EU, and how to make detainment enjoyable.  I am an immigrant worker, émigré, expatriate.

This blog is general updates about my life as an expat scientist, the joys and the hardships, triumphs and setbacks.  My post topics will range from research, science, immigration policies, conservation and – most importantly – to how exactly do you move your cats (and all of your hoodies/cardigans) overseas?  I hope other expat scientists will find these blogs relatable and humorous while aspiring expat scientists will learn from my mistakes.

This blog will also host guest blogs from fellow expat scientists full of advice and wisdom for those thinking about becoming an expatriate for their career.