How it feels to start a PhD as told by Game of Thrones GIFs

The entire PhD process is a roller coaster of emotions that are strangely paralleled by many scenes in Game of Thrones.  If you are thinking about starting a PhD or just beginning one now, let these series of GIFs guide you through the process (and start watching Game of Thrones now).

Note: The following is a collection of several people’s experiences, not just mine 😉


Your thoughts on starting a PhD immediately after finishing your MSc



Working non-scientific jobs between your MSc and PhD






After hours of searching, you spot it…



You rock up to the interview like



and get rejected



… or accepted.



The first time you meet your supervisor

the others white walkers


You send them the first draft of your PhD proposal 



and you get it back.



The first time sitting with your new lab mates. They’re super intelligent and you’re in the corner like



Then you find another PhD student who is also new to the lab



and you bond!


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